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Flex PCB Manufacturer USA

Rush Flex PCB is a flexible PCB manufacturer in the USA. We have been making flex PCBs for large volume production as well as prototypes since the 2000s. We use unique, custom-built tools that give us the edge over our competitors. If you are looking for a manufacturer for your flexible PCB project, you can upload your Gerber files to our cloud, for an instant quote.

Our Services

As a flex PCB manufacturer, Rush Flex PCB has you covered for any quantity of prototype or production PCBs. As our customer, you are skipping the PCB brokers and going straight to the source. You can start prototyping in our facility, and we will make your production run also in the USA. You do not have to go offshore for your boards. Not only does this reduce your time to market, but we also supply the most suitable materials and components for your large volume PCB production runs.

We are not different just because of our design and prototype-to-production flex PCB manufacturing capacity. We offer you the competitive advantage of our technical, engineering, procurement, and customer services team as well. We offer 24-hour tech support.

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Order Flex PCB Online: Process

Production and assembly of printed circuit boards are organized taking into account the latest trends in the development of the electronics market. Our experts will recommend the most effective methods for the production of reliable flexible PCBs at a competitive price.


RushFlex has seasoned engineers and state-of-the-art equipment with many years of experience in the design, development, and testing of electronic modules.

Our Services for Flex PCB Manufacturing

The use of innovative equipment, combined with extensive technological experience, allows our production to make printed circuit boards to order as quickly as possible. It is possible to professionally manufacture boards of various levels of complexity and customization:

§  Rigid-Flex PCBs

§  Single-Sided Flex PCBs

§  Double-Sided Flex PCBs

§  Multi-layer Flex PCBs

Flex and Rigid Flex PCB

Who is it for?

We are your one-stop flexi PCB manufacturer in the USA. Many customers use our high-quality, quick turn prototype flex, rigid-flex, and HDI boards. These include:

  • Automotive electronics industry
  • Robotics, consumer, and lighting applications
  • Industrial and commercial applications
  • Fiber-optic communication products
  • High-frequency chip carriers
  • Telecommunications applications
  • Medical electronics applications
  • and more
Flex and Rigid Flex PCB Manufacture

Reliable PCB Supplier

24-Hour Tech Support

Quality PCB Fabrication

The Flexible Printed Circuit Board Consists of the Following Elements and Materials:

Dielectric base:

It is made of polyimide, a material with the highest operating temperature range, good flexibility, and wear resistance.


It is made from epoxy, acrylic, or polyimide polymers that act as a bonding material between the substrate and the copper foil.

Copper Foil:

 A conductive material made from rolled or electrodeposited copper. In flexible printed circuit boards, which are subjected to the greatest dynamic loads during operation, stronger rolled copper is used.

Deposited Copper:

 A board layer is fabricated in multiple steps. A preliminary layer of electroplated copper is applied after drilling the holes. Then, with the help of a photoresist, selective galvanic deposition of copper and metal resist is carried out. The process is completed by etching copper and removing the metal resist.

Cover film:

It is a polyimide or PET material with an adhesive layer on one side. Windows are cut out in the films, providing access to the contact pads, and then the film is glued onto the workpiece by hot pressing.

Immersion Gold:

Applied to exposed copper areas over the nickel layer, provides high-quality board soldering.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I am really satisfied with my PCB. RUSH FLEX PCB saved my time.
Janean I.
Thank you so much for your help with our PCB board. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!
Rachel U.


Reliable Flex PCB Manufacturer

As a leading prototype-to-production flexible circuit board manufacturer, we at Rush Flex PCB capabilities far beyond that of other companies. As a reliable flex PCB manufacturer, we can build boards for you with track and spacing down to 0.75 mil (19 microns) and 1 mil (25.4 microns) vias.

Flex PCB
flex circuit board

24-Hour Tech Support

Please consult our PCB design and engineering services team for determining the optimal technologies suitable for your project applications. Avail of our fast quick-turn prototyping flex boards USA services. Please visit our website to learn more about our full flexible PCB capabilities or contact us for more information.

Quality Flexi PCB Manufacturer

As a flex PCB manufacturer, we offer you our expertise and mastery of flexible circuit board technology. We also offer you our considerable experience in industrial design and manufacturing of flex boards USA.

The success of your flexible circuit board project depends on the quality services that a manufacturer offers. Rush Flex PCB has the backing of the industry certifications and standards, and that means we can offer you the best quality services when it comes to any form of flex PCB USA. For instance, our certifications include ISO 9001, and UL 94V-0. We guarantee that the Flex PCBs we produce are fire-resistant, and comply with the rules of IPC, UL, and ISO.

Rigid Flex PCB

As a flexible printed circuit board manufacturer, Rush Flex PCB uses all relevant and state-of-the-art equipment, machinery, and tools. This implies we provide you with the best quality product. For instance, as a flexible PCB manufacturer, we pay special attention to building our products for:

  • Long-term durability
  • High conductivity
  • High density
  • High-speed and high-frequency communication

Check out our flex boards USA products with E-Test to inspect and verify the actual quality.   

If you are building new and future advanced electronic equipment, use our flex PCB USA for making them lightweight, of smaller form factor, and with higher functionality. Our flexible PCB solutions optimize the handling of the most delicate materials during the manufacturing process. As flex circuit manufacturer, our flexible circuit boards provide the most flexibility to increase your production with several options.

Any complex concepts that you have, and you are unable to procure from typical manufacturers, simply bring it to us. As flex circuit manufacturer, we like to take up challenges at others cannot handle. Flex PCB manufacturer Rush Flex PCB will turn your designs into reality. As a leading flexible printed circuit board manufacturer, give us a chance to prove this to you.

Advantages of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

The production of flexible printed circuit boards is a technology that is in demand in the manufacture of a wide variety of products. Flexible boards are found in electronic panels and onboard equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, smartphones, and even space satellites.

Manufacturers of electrical appliances and equipment choose flexible printed circuit boards for the following properties:

  • Slim Base: Reduced the size of electronic devices, and due to its flexibility, the PCB can be folded and reduced in size if necessary.
  • Reduced weight: With a flexible base, these PCBs are 70-80% lighter than their rigid base counterparts.
  • Improved heat transfer: this is facilitated by a thin, flat base that distributes heat evenly across the surface of the board.

The production of flexible printed circuit boards using innovative technology is gradually replacing the wire harnesses, connectors, and cables traditionally used in the instrument manufacturing process. 

Flexible PCB Board Provides Several Advantages 

  • High installation speed: no cables to be twisted into bundles – it is enough to install boards with flexible conductors. Errors are excluded, as in the case of wiring.
  • Reliable connections: Single-boarded conductors are more stable and easier to control impedance, crosstalk, and noise.
  • Ergonomic Mounting: Compared to heavier cables, the flexible printed circuit boards reduce the mounting area and product weight by 75%.
  • Reduced operating costs: Flexible circuit boards are resistant to shock and vibration and require fewer repairs.
  • Functionality: The flex board may have rigid sections required for mounting some equipment components.

Bending strength is the main reason for the reliability of a flexible printed circuit board. Components of this type, under the most adverse conditions, last much longer than the old rigid boards with round cables.

Flexible PCB Instant Quote Online

You can learn more about the technological possibilities of printed circuit board production, additional requirements, and cost by sending us an instant quote for flex PCB.

Production of Flexible PCB Maintaining Highest Standards

All produced boards undergo mandatory quality control of metallization in the hole and are also checked for good solderability and flatness.

The cost of production of prototypes of printed circuit boards

The price of printed circuit boards produced to order depends on the following criteria:

  • Materials used;
  • Size and design;
  • Foil thickness;
  • Number of holes;
  • Accuracy class and difficulty level.

Faster Turnaround

The presence of high-tech production facilities allows the Rushflex to manufacture printed circuit boards of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

 Technical equipment, knowledge of all the subtleties of the process, and the use of exclusively high-quality materials allow us to provide a full range of services, from project development to fully functional electronic assembly.


What is flex in PCB?

A flexible circuit board is made of flexible materials such as polyimide, polyester, or other similar materials. These boards come with bending and flex features to fit into specific shapes and provide a more efficient use of space.

Where are flex PCBs used?

The top three applications of flex PCB are: medical devices, consumer electronics, automotive components, and more

What is a flex PCB made of?

Flexible PCB is made of polyimide, polyester, polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), polyetherimide (PEI), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Why use Flex PCB?

Flexible PCBs are ideal for several applications which require flexibility in frequent movements. Similarly, flex PCBs can provide excellent performance in equipment where high-density interconnections are required.

Flex vs Rigid PCB

The basic difference between flex and rigid PCB is the choice of materials and their bending capacity. Flex PCB has flexible characters whereas rigid boards are tight and they are used where design requirements are harder and strong.

What is flexible pcb price?

The price of flexible PCB depends on design, material, and minimum order quantity. If you want to get an instant quote for flexible PCB, you can contact our sales department.