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Professional Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing: Get Quote Online

Rushflex excels in providing innovative design and impeccable testing methods for rigid-flex PCB manufacturing. With our cutting-edge contemporary technologies, we offer excellent services for flexible-rigid printed circuit boards.

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Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are prevalent in modern electronics due to several advantages:

  • Increased reliability of connections
  • Reduced weight and dimensions of devices
  • The ability to embed in complex-shaped cases
  • Simplification of installation and subsequent operation of devices.

Rigid-flex boards combine conventional multilayer board manufacturing technology with flexible technologies. Such boards come with a hybrid design containing rigid and flexible bases fastened together in a single assembly.

As a rule, the rigid part is made of similar FR-4 materials, and polyimide-based films are used for the flexible layers.

Custom Rigid-Flex PCB Production Includes:

  • CAD preparation
  • Flexible & rigid boards
  • Substrates FR4, CEM, kapton, aluminum
  • Cutting, milling
  • HAL (Pb/RoHS), gold plating
  • Electrical Testing

Rigid- Flexible PCB Manufacturing Compliance With High Standards

As a PCB manufacturer, we have been providing PCB manufacturing services for several decades. The entire production process and the execution of our customer’s orders are carried out following high standards. 

Flex and Rigid Flex PCB

Instant Quotation to Order PCB Online

You can order custom rigid-flex PCB with us and get an instant quote. Each board we produce is subjected to strict control and testing phases.

As part of additional services, we offer:

  • Programming
  • Functional tests
  • Final Assembly of Boards
  • Expert Advice From our Professional Team

What are rigid-flex Printed Circuit boards?

Rigid-flex boards are a combination of rigid boards, and flexible interconnects. Interconnects enter the boards through their connecting layer.

Flexible boards are manufactured separately and then installed into rigid boards. There is a symmetrical and asymmetrical connection between the flexible and rigid parts of the boards.


The solid part of the rigid-flexible boards comes with through holes for the electrical connection of its pattern in layers and for mounting the component leads. The technology of rigid multilayer boards produces holes.

Flex and Rigid Flex PCB Manufacture

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Flexible Boards with Rigid Sections

In some cases, installing relatively heavy components or connectors on a flexible board may be necessary. For this, the mounting part of the board is strengthened by fastening it to the end rigid board of fiberglass with epoxy impregnation.


We provide comprehensive services – from preparing professional prototypes, through programming and serial production, to professional assembly. We observe problems, analyze needs, and help by creating solutions that make it easier for our clients to perform everyday activities.

We Ensure Strict Quality Control Procedures

The production of printed circuit boards is subject to strict procedures and constant control, so you can be sure that the final product complies with the highest quality standards and safety requirements.

PCB printing is a complex process that comes with innovative production methods and requires excellent knowledge of electronic circuits. Thanks to this, all our products meet the quality requirements in a given industry. They are free from any construction and material defects.

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I am really satisfied with my PCB. RUSH FLEX PCB saved my time.
Janean I.
Thank you so much for your help with our PCB board. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!
Rachel U.

Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing at an Attractive Price

RushFlex specializes in producing high-precision printed circuit boards, adhering to a balanced and flexible pricing policy. This allows us to offer customers the most favorable conditions for rigid-flex PCB manufacturing.

We can maintain a reasonable price level thanks to our vast experience, advanced technologies, high-tech equipment, and, most importantly, a stable professional team. Our years of extensive experience allow us to guarantee the excellent quality of printed circuit board manufacturing.

From Smaller to Larger Batch Production of Rigid-Flex PCBs

We are ready to offer our customers the production of small, medium, and large boards. We can manufacture in almost any quantity, high quality, and at optimal cost.


PCB manufacturing is a complex process that consumes a lot of work. To ensure that printed circuit boards are produced with the expected optimum quality, choose a PCB manufacturer with the right expertise level and focus on quality at every stage.

Why RushFlex?

At Rush Flex PCB, the success of our customers goes through the execution of state-of-the-art products at a competitive price. Our qualified staff’s professional knowledge and experience allow us to quickly and effectively respond to their online quotation, providing products tailored to all needs and manufacturing rigid-flex printed circuit boards.