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Single Sided Flexible PCB Manufacturing Services

RushFlex is a professional company providing high-quality single-sided flex PCB manufacturing globally. We always try to give our customers the best service experience along with outstanding advantages in price, lead-time, and product quality compared to other PCB manufacturing companies.

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Why Use a Flexible Printed Circuit Board?

The ideal solution for innovative electronics is to use flexible PCBs where necessary and rigid PCBs where possible to reduce manufacturing and assembly costs.

Please get in touch with us to determine whether your project suits flexible printed circuit board types.


Dedicated and professional advice to customers’ specific circuit requirements


Ensure the best quality PCB printed circuit according to the customer’s requirements.


Ordering single flex printed circuit boards online is convenient and save time.


Quality PCB printed circuit processing service ensures the proper requirements.

What is Flexible Printed Circuit Board?

Flex Printed PCBs are made of flexible and high-performance plastic materials. The most popular plastic material we use is polyimide.

It is a flexible circuit consisting of a conductive layer on one side of a PCB. It consists of a layer of copper between polyimide dielectrics. By soldering, you can create holes in the base film to allow the component leads to pass through.

Flex PCBs are more complex, the ability for the flex layers to fold or twist to meet design goals is beneficial for design engineers.

Flex and Rigid Flex PCB

Try RushFlex High-End Solutions to Manufacture Single-Sided Flex PCB

RushFlex provides many physical and electrical interconnection solutions that cannot be achieved with rigid printed circuit board. Compared with standard rigid boards, this additional uniqueness can provide customers with important benefits such as:

  • Remove interface connections that may cause reliability issues
  • Free up your product’s mechanical space and make your product thinner and smaller
  • Reduced package weight and manufacturing costs due to single-board design
  • Provide better impedance matching and control

Flexible printed circuit boards range from material development and production, circuit fabrication to final component assembly. RushFlex has vast experience in processing various flexible circuit board materials.

Flex and Rigid Flex PCB Manufacture

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Stability and Cost

A single-layer PCB can pass through as a complete circuit without a cover coat or cover. However, the primary practice for manufacturing single-layer flex PCBs usually includes coverlets. The cost of manufacturing a single-layer flexible PCB is higher compared to a single-layer rigid PCB.

Advantages of a single-layer flexible PCB compared to other types of flexible PCBs include: 

  1. Despite the high cost, manufacturing a single-layer flexible PCB is more expensive than manufacturing other PCB types.
  2. The flexible PCB is cheaper. Since it has only one layer, manufacturing is more accessible than other flex PCBs.
  3. It’s easy to install, and you’ll spend less time tracking down and fixing faults. Since the components are not close to each other, the chance of a short circuit is very low. They are essential for dynamic applications.

The Price of FPC Flexible Circuit Board

Generally speaking, flexible printed circuit board cost will be carried out in the initial stage of designing. For mass production, the price is determined according to the difficulty of the process, and the total price is calculated according to the batch size of the steps.

Flexible PCBs are lightweight, pliable, and sensitive to heat, so flex PCB assembly differs from rigid applications in the assembly process.

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I am really satisfied with my PCB. RUSH FLEX PCB saved my time.
Janean I.
Thank you so much for your help with our PCB board. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!
Rachel U.

Why Should You Choose RushFlex?

The RushFlex works closely with customers to optimize array designs and peripheral connections within flex panels, reviewing your BOM and Gerber files during the design phase and DFM review before production.

We have developed proprietary technology to improve and optimize the de-penalization process, which no longer requires special tools.

Whether you are an electrical engineer, product designer, system integrator, or manufacturer looking for flexible PCB assembly, RushFlex will be your perfect flexible electronics assembly factory.

  • Manufacturing single-sided flexible PCBs for more than 12 years.
  • Single-sided Flex PCB raw materials in stock.
  • Final inspection and 100% E- test.
  • Your new order has no minimum order quantity.
  • Sales and technical support are available 24/7.

At RushFlex, we can help you reduce supplier count and production delays and improve overall circuit quality with Flex PCB Assembly.