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Flex PCB Assembly

Several industries and applications use flex and rigid-flex printed circuit boards. These industries include consumer products, drilling, defense, aerospace, military, automobiles, lighting, industrial machinery, and medical devices.

At RushFlex PCB, we have extensive experience in assembling flex, rigid-flex, and rigid circuits. Based in the USA, we conduct our operations all under a single roof, which includes design, layout, and fabrication. That means, our engineers are always in communication, and we can work out issues and problems before starting assembly. Not only does this minimize any possible project delays, but it also saves our customers time and money.

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Our Assembly Capabilities

SMT or Surface Mount Technology

We can mount or place components directly onto the surface of a PCB. We use fully automated solder paste dispensers, pick-and-place machines, and AOI or automated optical inspection methods.

THT or Through Hole Technology

Although this technology is dated, we take up THT assembly on customers’ demand. For this type of assembly, we use automatic inserters for forming and placing through-hole components into holes in the PCB. While the SMT technology is in greater demand, some consumer and military applications insist on using THT.

Flip Chip

This is a special technology where we invert the chip and connect it directly to the substrate, rather than using the more common wire bonding.


We also use BGA or Ball Grid Assembly technology. BGA chips have solder balls under them in very close pitch placements. To mount BGAs, we use specially designed HDI boards.

IR Reflow Soldering

After mounting the SMDs or surface mount devices on PCBs, we solder them using the IR or Infra-Red reflow soldering method. The heat from IR bulbs melts the solder paste and anchors the component to the board.

Wave Soldering

For soldering THT components, we use the wave soldering method to anchor them to the board. The board with THT components passes over a tub of molten solder, which adheres to its underside, anchoring the component leads.

Selective Soldering

For select boards with THT components, we control the soldering process using a sophisticated programmable machine that controls the pre-heat temperature, flux amount to spray, and solder time, thereby avoiding damage to heat-sensitive components.

AOI or Automated Optical Inspection

We use vision cameras to capture images of a board with components and analyze them using special software in computers. With this method, we can automatically detect several types of defects in soldering and misaligned or missing components.

X-Ray Inspection

We verify and guarantee all solder joints. We use X-ray inspection for hidden solder joints, such as those under a BGA and Gull-Wing IC. Our X-ray inspection is also useful for inspecting interlayer connections in multilayer PCBs.

Flex and Rigid Flex PCB

ICT and FP Testing

Once we have completed PCB assembly, we test them using ICT or In-Circuit Testing, or FP or Flying Probe testing methods to test for shorts, opens, wrong components, and missing components.


Using the Press-Fit technology, we can create a connection between the PCB and plated-through holes without soldering them.

Box-Build Assembly

We can also build an electrical device or product by assembling several PCBs along with other electrical and mechanical components.

Conformal Coating

We use conformal coating for hermetically sealing components on the PCB. We use acrylic-based coatings to cover the entire PCB assembly. Aerospace and military applications often require conformal coating as protection in adverse environments.

Flex and Rigid Flex PCB Manufacture

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Turn-Key Capabilities

RushFlex PCB offers full turn-key capabilities. Apart from fabricating your PCBs, we will take care of procuring all materials and components according to your BOM. While eliminating delays and offering advantageous component prices, our turn-key services offer you peace of mind, as you know that your PCB and assembly is in the hands of experts who will take care from start to finish. If you prefer to obtain the materials and components on your own, we can offer you partial and consigned turn-key services also.

RushFlex PCB Flex Assembly Advantages Over Others

We take up all types of complex jobs, from layout to assembly. We layout and assemble our boards all under one roof using state-of-the-art machines and technologies. Our design team uses the best industry practices for the design and layout of flex and rigid-flex boards, while our experienced engineering team and operators take care of assembling flex circuits without causing delamination. We offer you the following assembly advantages:

  • All US-based operations and under a single roof
  • State-of-the-art machinery and technology
  • Our expertise is end-to-end
  • We are specialists in best practices for flex and rigid-flex assembly
  • We offer full, partial, and consigned turn-key assembly services
  • We have standard lead times and quick-turn options

If you need a quote for your flex PCB project, please submit your files on our website, and we will provide you with a quote within 24 hours. You must include any fabrication drawings or schematics so that we can process your information quickly and accurately. Once you have uploaded your information, our technical staff will analyze the data to allow us to take a closer look at your project.

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I am really satisfied with my PCB. RUSH FLEX PCB saved my time.
Janean I.
Thank you so much for your help with our PCB board. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!
Rachel U.